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Are you an entrepreneur looking to make a difference in the lives of young children and their families? Look no further. At Little Dolphin Baby Spa, we not only provide top-notch training and business management skills in the field of Baby Spa, but we also offer something unique – spa equipment. We are the only ones who provide this comprehensive package, giving you the edge in building your dream business. With our expertise and support, you can confidently enter the baby spa industry, knowing that you have the tools and knowledge to create a nurturing and relaxing environment for your clients. Join us and take the first step towards making a lasting impact on young lives.

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Meet Our fOUNDER

Jennifer MAN

Little Dolphin Baby Spa is the 1st specialized and exclusive concept for babies, children, and mums.

Our unique concept was created in 2017 in Luxembourg by Jennifer MAN and is now being taken up worldwide. After 5 years, the original concept was located exclusively in Luxembourg. Our founder Jennifer MAN chose Dubai as her new destination to develop her concept and brand, making her the first Luxembourg company to set up in Dubai. Since her arrival in 2022, some fifteen spa managers, mainly from Europe, have contacted her and been trained by her to develop their services to meet the needs of younger children. As well as running her business in Dubai, a passion has been born to pass on her expertise and experience to a new generation of entrepreneurs keen to offer quality services. Because well-being is more than a service, it’s a lifestyle and a passion. Our founder’s aim is always to help as many people as possible to understand the importance of connecting with their inner self, their spirit, their soul, in order to develop a healthy and happy life for themselves and their children. As the well-being of children is directly linked to that of mothers, since 2023 we have added a spiritual support to our services to help mothers in their daily lives to take care of themselves, both physically and mentally. We can all contribute in our own way to a better world, and we hope to continue to develop a community that shares our values.


years of experience in Health & Wellness


Strong community
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return on investment
Within 1 year


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UAE-Dubai, Luxembourg

The original concept programme

Baby,Kids & Mommy Spa

We provide full training for managing a Baby Spa in addition to supplying the necessary equipment CE certified complies with European requirements.

Training sessions occur on specific dates throughout the vear.
We also offer individual training and consulting services to
provide advice and help in developing your Brand.
We currently offer training courses for Baby Spa, our exclusive
Baby Thalasso bathing method, and our draining pregnancy
massage. Please follow us for updates on additional training
courses that will be available throughout the year.

Our Brand Manifesto

At Little Dolphin Baby Spa, We Are Committed To Nurturing The Future Generation Through Exceptional Care And Expertise. Our Core Principles Of Expertise, Innovation, And Collaboration Drive Us To Provide The Highest Level Of Training To Professionals In The Baby Spa Industry. By Embracing Innovation And Fostering A Collaborative Community, We Empower Individuals To Make A Positive Impact On The Lives Of Young Children And Their Families. Together, Let's Create A World Where Every Baby Receives The Care And Support They Deserve.

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